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Capillary Reduction

It's saying goodbye to old friends.

Laser therapy is the best way to deal with your unwanted capillaries. It reduces dilated capillaries and improves the skin’s condition. We use the medical grade Candela GentleYAG laser for fast results, and recommend treatments at 6-12 week intervals. It’s a non-surgical treatment so you can walk out of our clinic with confidence and clear skin!

Treatment Session

  • Treatment Time
    5 mins
  • Recommended Sessions
  • Recommended Intervals
    6-12 weeks
  • Recovery Time
    Minimal - same day
Capillary Reduction

What to expect

The relatively painless treatment increases the production of collagen, which makes those vessels naturally disappear.

The number of treatments depend on the size of the capillaries and how your skin reacts. Smaller capillaries respond more quickly to treatment.


Capillary removal is the treatment of an individual dialated capillary using laser energy to target the blood supply within the vessel. The heat from the laser can collapse the capillary wall causing the vessel to shut down on itself. This will then be treated as useless to the body and will be taken away via the lympatic system.


Flushing is the same concept of heating the tiny microvascular network, shutting it down and removing it as waste.

For your best results

We recommend 3-6 treatments at 6-12 week intervals. Most capillaries can be permanently reduced, but touch-ups once or twice a year after a course of treatment may be required to ensure optimal results.

Preparation Required

No sun exposure 2 weeks prior and use of Institut Age Defence SPF 50+ sunscreen.


There may be some redness similar to bruising if large areas have been treated. For smaller areas there is very little redness afterwards.

Avoid any creams or treatment with active ingredients for at least 3 days.

Avoid exposing the area to direct sunlight directly after your treatment and always use Institut Laser Aid, Vitamin C & Age Defence 50+ to maintain results.

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What it costs

Spider Vein Reduction Single Price Pre-pay 3
Flushing per 5 min
Vascular per 5 min $217 $185

Treatments are non-transferable between clinics and clients. All prices displayed are "per treatment" based on applicable pre-pay discounts. All prices are displayed as rounded whole numbers. Actual prices will be slightly less when purchased. Skin treatment pre-pays of less than 10 treatments will expire 12 months from date of purchase.

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