Amazing Skin Treatments for Anyone Under 30

by LCA Team on June 01, 2022

Amazing Skin Treatments for Anyone Under 30

Throughout your twenties, you’ll experience a whole range of changes on your body, most notably on your skin. While throughout your teenage years, you’ll notice an increase in oil production, acne and other changes; as you grow into an adult, your hormones are still working hard - for better or for worse.

In short, it might be puberty all over again for you. And it’s going to show on your skin.

Maintain your skin’s youthful appearance as early as your 20s with Laser Clinics New Zealand’s skin treatments:

  1. Skin Needling

Skin Needling utilises a process with fine needles to gently create micro-punctures in the skin. These micro-punctures are perceived by the body as a wound. The skin is designed to ensure that all wounds are healed, regardless of how small or severe they are. As the micro-punctures appear in the skin, it works quickly to initiate the healing process. During this process, blood flow is increased to the area, to support the healing of the skin. This also stimulates collagen and elastic growth factors, maintaining a younger, brighter, firm looking skin. Skin needling also has benefits for maintaining minimised pores, reducing oil flow and reducing acne scarring!

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  1. Kleresca® Rejuvenation Treatments

Experts suggest that after the age of 20, our dermis loses approximately 1% of collagen each year and natural exfoliation decreases by up to 28%. As a result, the skin becomes thinner and more fragile with age. There is also diminished functioning of the sweat and oil glands and less elastin production. Collagen production is essential for maintaining a firm, plump and smooth skin. Kleresca® Rejuvenation treatments increase collagen production by up to 400% to maintain a young and healthy skin. It also assists with the texture, tone, structure and quality of the skin which start to get affected during the ageing process. By undergoing a Kleresca® Skin Rejuvenation course, this will give the skin the boost it needs to keep maintaining a young skin before the signs of ageing start to appear.

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  1. Microdermabrasion

Microdermabrasion targets the outer layer of the skin which is made up of dead skin cells. By buffing away excess dead skin cells, the process breaks down the barrier that often prevents skincare from penetrating the skin to the deeper layers, where skincare actually needs to go. This visible outer layer is also prone to blemishes, fine lines and uneven skin tone and texture so Microdermabrasion works to rejuvenate and maintain a young, healthy and clear skin.

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  1. LED Light Therapy

LED Light Therapy is a pain-free, gentle treatment that has ZERO downtime. The light is emitted into the skin which interacts with our skins cells to promote and maintain a healthy, young and bright skin while also working to keep encouraging collagen production in the skin – vital supporting cells to keeping the skin firm, plum and wrinkle free.

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Always remember that your twenties are a time for you to start making healthy habits, especially for your skin. With our team of experienced technicians and up-to-date technology, Laser Clinics New Zealand is set to help you look youthful as you age. Book a consultation today to make a difference for yourself tomorrow.