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A scientifically proven technology that reduces inflammation, Kleresca® increases the build-up of collagen and normalises activity with high safety and efficacy.

About Kleresca®

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Previously only available at Dermatologists, Kleresca® creates fluorescent light energy to heal your skin at a cellular level[1]. This non-invasive, scientifically documented technology delivers long-lasting clinic results with little to no downtime[1].

Kleresca® is a non-invasive, biophotonic treatment that uses fluorescent light energy (FLE) to stimulate the skin’s repair mechanisms by penetrating the different layers of the skin.

Inspired by photosynthesis, this innovative treatment involves the interaction between Kleresca® Light Therapy and a specifically designed gel. The chromophores in the gel convert the Kleresca® Light into fluorescent light energy which penetrates the skin at a cellular level to activate the skin’s healing responses.


Kleresca® Acne

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A gentle, non-systemic alternative to drugs and invasive procedures, Kleresca® Acne Treatment is painless and provides high efficacy and safety, stimulating the skin’s own repair mechanisms. The result is a reduction in pimples, redness, and painful, inflamed areas leaving your skin balanced, de-stressed, and smooth. We recommend an initial package of 12 treatments.

Kleresca® Rejuvenation

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  • Discomfort

  • Downtime


  • Pair With

    Skin Needling

Kleresca® Rejuvenation Treatment naturally improves your complexion and skin texture, without causing trauma to the skin. Instead of targeting the surface layer of the skin, Kleresca® penetrates at a cellular level to induce collagen production by up to 400%[1], reduce pore size and fine lines, and improve overall skin texture and glow. We recommend a course of 4 or more treatments.

Kleresca® Rosacea


Kleresca® Rosacea Treatment settles Rosacea subtypes 1, 2 & 3. This unique treatment uses fluorescent light energy to effectively reduce the inflammation underlying rosacea, calming redness, acne rosacea, and skin changes. We recommend a course of 4-6 treatments.

Preparation and aftercare

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You need to avoid high-intensity products for 12 hours prior to your Kleresca® treatment. These include

  • Glycolic Cleanser 12%
  • L-Lactic Cleanser
  • Glycolic Scrub 14%
  • Even Blend Serum
  • Vitamin C 100%
  • Retinol Serum
  • Any other skincare product that contains alpha or beta hydroxy acids and retinol.

Remember to avoid excessive sun exposure prior to your treatment.

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Following your treatment it is important you avoid excessive sun exposure and continue to wear your broad-spectrum SPF50+ (institut Age Defence SFP50+).

Depending on your condition treated your therapist will tailor your home care regime to ensure you achieve a better result from your treatments. Please follow the product prescription provided by your therapist.

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Kleresca offers long-lasting results across Acne, Rosacea, and Rejuvenation treatments. You can expect to enjoy your results 6 months to 1-year post-treatment.

Kleresca® Acne Treatment

We recommend an initial package of 12 treatments. Clinical trials show best results are two treatments per week for six weeks (a full course is 12 treatments), but we are able to ‘stack’ treatments and administer two treatments - one after the other, on the same day, therefore only needing one treatment per week

Kleresca® Rejuvenation Treatment

We recommend a course of 4 or more treatments.

Kleresca® Rosacea Treatment

We recommend a course of 4-6 treatments.

Acne, Rosacea and Skin Rejuvenation with Dermatologist grade technology.

Find out more about how Kleresca® can address Acne, Rosacea and improve the quality of your skin. 

Why choose us

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Safety & Technology

Using advanced technology and high-performance cosmeceutical skincare products our team highly-skilled team of Therapists is experienced in delivering best-in-class results.


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Our highly-skilled and experienced team of Therapists are trained in the latest technology and operate the safest machinery.


Real Results

Whatever your skin concern, we have the experience, knowledge, and professional Skin Treatments to deliver the best results tailored to your skin goals.

Kleresca® Pricing

Kleresca® is a scientifically proven technology. Our treatments reduce inflammation, increase the build-up of collagen and normalise cellular activity with high safety and efficacy.

Kleresca offers long-lasting results across Acne, Rosacea, and Rejuvenation treatments. You can expect to enjoy your results 6 months - 1-year post-treatment.

Only at selected Laser Clinic locations. Please contact your nearest clinic.

Kleresca® Treatment Options

  • Kleresca® Acne $299

  • Kleresca® Rosacea $359

  • Kleresca® Rejuvenation $479

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How does Kleresca® work?

    Kleresca® biophotonic platform offers a non-invasive treatment that uses fluorescent light energy. The treatment doesn’t cause destruction to the skin but acts by stimulating your skin’s own repair mechanisms.

    Kleresca® biophotonic treatments differ from other light treatments due to its unique mode of action, using fluorescent light energy that stimulates your skin at a cellular level.

    The Kleresca® biophotonic system consists of a patented, multi-LED Kleresca® lamp designed with specific, pre-programmed wavelength settings and a specially formulated photoconverter gel.

  • How do I know if Kleresca® is right for me?

    Due to the high safety profile of the treatment, many candidates may benefit from the Kleresca® treatments.

    We recommend you to visit your clinic where they will evaluate your skin condition and will determine if Kleresca® is a good treatment for you.

    We do not recommend Kleresca® treatments while pregnant or breastfeeding.

  • When should I consider having Kleresca®?

    Kleresca® treatments can be done all year around, even in summer. The treatments are well-tolerated and have little to no-downtime.

    Ask your clinic about the possible side effects since they might vary depending on your skin type and condition.

  • Can I have Kleresca® at the same time as other treatments?

    Kleresca® is a non-invasive biophotonic treatment, with little to no-downtime. It can be alternated with other treatments, though certain timing intervals apply. Your therapist will recommend a treatment plan suitable for your skin condition.

    The use of Kleresca® biophotonic treatments is not recommended in the following situations:

    1. Patients taking drugs or products (e.g. retinoids) or with conditions (e.g. porphyria) known to induce photosensitive reaction.
    2. Patients with known skin hypersensitivity

    Ask your clinic for more about combination with other treatments.

  • Is this treatment suitable during pregnancy?

    This treatment is not suitable for a pregnant or breastfeeding person, or someone trying to get pregnant (including IVF treatments). Please contact your local clinic for further information.

Before & After results achieved after a full course of recommended treatments. Individual
results may vary. Always consult your skin therapist for the appropriate treatment plan.

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