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Carmen Lionnet


Originally from South Africa, Carmen is both New Zealand based and trained as a Registered Nurse and Beauty Specialist. Her interest in skin care and passion to help others feel confident within themselves guides her practice as a cosmetic injector. Carmen has gained extensive experience and knowledge working within the perioperative services as a paediatric theatre nurse specialising in Plastic and Otolaryngology surgery.

Coming from a beauty therapy background, Carmen encourages clients to approach their journey with a holistic view to enhance the visions that they share with her. Her passion to help others arises from her own journey to building confidence within her skin, from this, she strives to create an environment where people feel comfortable to express themselves.
Carmen loves to spend her spare time training at the gym as well as catching up with family and loved ones. Health and wellness is a priority of hers, and she loves to encourage others to find time in their day to practise self care.