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Qin Shan


Qin graduated with a Bachelor of Medical Science- Public Health in 1987 Tianjin, China.  From there she moved to New Zealand and completed her Bachelor of Nursing and Post Graduate Certificate in Health Science. Qin then relocated to Melbourne in 2015 and completed Nursing certificates in both Critical Care Nurse and Ophthalmic in 2020.

Qin teamed up with a friend that happened to be a cosmetic appearance doctor and was given the opportunity to train as a cosmetic appearance nurse.  Qin enjoyed this so much she stayed there within the industry and gained 5 years of experience in Melbourne.

Qin emphasises the value of consultations to understand her client’s needs and expectations. She has found her artistic and creative background has aided her work as an aesthetic nurse specialist. She has a keen eye for detail and believes in maintaining natural proportions and anatomy. Combined with her caring personality, she offers realistic and natural youth through injectables.

In her spare time, she likes to go hiking or ride a bike.