Why lip fillers are more than just about plumping the lip

by The Laser Clinics Team on January 10, 2018

Why lip fillers are more than just about plumping the lip

FACT: since Kyle Jenner debuted her lip injections in 2015, the world has not stopped talking about lip fillers.

Much of the discussion around Kylie Jenner’s lips and lip fillers in general, is about filler adding volume and fullness. However, did you know that lip fillers can also be used to shape and correct the lip.


Lip filler can be used to define the border of your lips, create symmetry for more balance between the top and bottom lip AND add volume. We give you the low-down on how lip filler can be used for more than just adding volume.

Lip fillers for… symmetry and balance.

Dermal filler can be used to balance out natural asymmetries in lip volume. Often people find their lips can vary in volume from one side to the other but also top and bottom for which lip filler treatments can be utilised to improve these imbalances.

Lip fillers for… creating structure and a border.

As we age the borders of our lips become less defined. Very small amounts of lip filler can be used to reinvent the vermillion border definition which is lost. This can also be done to further enhance lip shape. Focus points for a lot of people are the ‘cupids bow’ and CK points (the middle top part of your upper lip).

Lip fillers for… lip upturn.

Another benefit of lip filler is that it can be used to give eversion to the lip. If someone is worried about showing too much of their dentition or their lip sits more inwardly then dermal filler can help to roll the lip out.

Lip fillers for… volume and fullness.

Very small volume improvements and more obvious volume improvements – both are achievable with dermal filler. No one size fits all and everyone will have different lip aesthetic goals. There are a range of different filler products which can be used to treat the lips so once your desired results have been discussed, then we can select the right treatment for you.  

Lip fillers, like all our cosmetic injectable treatments are performed by our highly qualified Doctors and Registered Nurses who will work with you to create the results you want.

Lip filler cost can vary depending on your individual goals, the product used, and the dosage required. 

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