Why Should Men Consider Laser Hair Removal?

by Laser Clinics Team on February 09, 2023

Why Should Men Consider Laser Hair Removal?

With the aim to move into a more accepting society, it's time to challenge the outdated beauty norms around male grooming, including their choice to have hair-free, smooth skin. While laser hair removal is usually associated with women, this permanent hair removal method is effective for everyone, regardless of gender.

In this blog, Laser Clinics New Zealand shares why it’s time to normalise laser hair removal for men and discuss some of the most popular treatment areas. 

Why Should Men Consider Laser Hair Removal?

1. Cost-Effective

While the upfront cost of laser hair removal may seem high, in the long run, it is more cost-effective than other hair removal methods. Think about how much you spend on razors, shaving cream, and waxing appointments over time. LHR may cost more upfront, but it is a one-time investment that can save you money in the long run.

2. Time-Saving

Men are often busy with work, social commitments, and other responsibilities. Shaving or waxing takes up valuable time, especially if you have to do it daily. With LHR, you can save time by permanently reducing hair growth in targeted areas. No more rushing to the shower every morning to shave before work.

3. Permanent Results

Unlike shaving or waxing, which only provides temporary results, laser hair removal offers permanent hair reduction. Once the hair is gone, it's gone for good. This means no more annoying ingrown hairs or razor burn.

Popular Treatment Areas for Men's Laser Hair Removal

  • Face - Facial hair, such as a beard, can add a beautiful feature to your face. However, it can also be a source of irritation and ingrown hair. LHR can help thin out or remove facial hair in targeted areas like the neck or beard line, giving you a well-groomed appearance.
  • Back - Back hair is one of the most common areas for men to seek laser hair removal. It can be challenging to shave or wax this area on your own with hard-to-reach areas, and the results are often unsatisfactory. LHR can effectively remove back hair permanently for smooth, silky skin. 
  • Chest - Some men may feel uncomfortable with chest hair. Unlike depilatory creams, laser hair removal can permanently reduce chest hair growth, leaving you feeling more confident and comfortable in your own skin.

If you want to find out more about the benefits of Laser Hair Removal for Men, reach out to Laser Clinics New Zealand. We use medical-grade Laser Hair Removal technology that is safe and effective for all skin types and tones. Our trusted team of experienced Therapists will create a tailored treatment plan to help you achieve hair-free, silky-smooth skin. Book your complimentary consultation today.